ProfiGram is honored to be one of the companies to be designated as a "Certified Excellence Sales Partner" from Bosch Rexroth. Moreover, it qualified for this status in different product areas.
A global initiative, the Certified Excellence Program ensures Rexroth partners will deliver the highest level of services, values, competencies, and quality.
Rexroth's standardized process for qualification rates potential partners in distribution, solutions, training, and services.
For a period of about a year, ProfiGram has successfully completed all steps towards the certified partnership. The certification process included several stages, ranging from a pre-selection to evaluation and ultimately implementation. Potential partner companies are audited at all stages by Bosch Rexroth itself. A competency measurement and a presentation and setup of a training plans both form part of the intensive selection process.
Bosch Rexroth and ProfiGram both have great confidence in the future and look forward to further deepening the cooperation as proud partners.
ProfiGram is currently a "Certified Excellence Sales Partner" in the integration and distribution of Assembly Technology, Linear Motion Technology, Electric Drive and Control Systems.

Electric Drive and Control System

Linear Motion Technology

Assembly Technology