Production machinery

Profigram has high-level wide range experience in developing and implementing customized production machinery.
From the beginning, we have developed and integrated a wide range of production tools and customized production machines with different levels of automation and complexity at our partners. Nowadays, we can support the most diverse production environments, ranging from simple hand tools and production support equipment (FIFO shelf, assembly table) to semi- and fully automatic production equipment.
Our experience has been mainly gained from the automotive, pharmaceutical, and metalworking industry.
Our professional expertise stands ready to integrate various technologies such as manipulation, assembly, dosing, greasing, pressing, punching, screwing, laser marking, EOL measurement, sealing inspection, continuity test, high-voltage test, camera control, distance/force measurement, and more.
Customized production machinery construction is based at our Kecskemét and Cluj locations.
Upon request, we also undertake separate parts of the customized production machinery development process, including machine design or programming.
All major engineering activities of the process are performed in-house by our highly skilled engineering team, including Eplan design or even the integration of PLC control into the MES system. With our experience and our engineering background team with unique expertise, we can easily develop the technical concept of a given task and help prepare the specification.